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I have just been invited to participate in the People to People Student Ambassador Program.

Some of you reading this have already recieved emails from me asking for your support.

In order to participate in this program I will have to come up with a great deal of money. I am willing to do what I can to earn this. I will babysit, shovel snow. I plan on making soaps from our goats milk and soon will have eggs for sale again.

I have also recently submitted information to peerbackers. This is an online fundraising program where you can go directly and make contribution to my fund online with your credit/or debit card. As soon as that has been approved and set up I will email and post the location you can use online for contributing to my education.

I also volunteer in our community at a variety of educational functions and work at my families summer camp program completely for free. I also volunteer at a variety of assited living centers and help teach kids about farm life.

Anyone who wishes to make a $100 contribution to my fund I will donate 1hr of my time to a cause of your choice.

No words could fully explain just how incredible this opportunity is for me. I can be a Student Ambassador! There is so much on this trip that I can learn!!

As a homeschool student opportunities like this aren't the same. "My school" meaning my home doesn't have a foreign language department. So what could I possibly do.

The trip that I have been invited to couldn't suit me better. Australia!

I have been interested in livestock and vetrinary medicine since the 5th grade. My family has surrounded me with as many opportunities to learn everything I can. I have played with the thought of marine biology and other specialties but really have not been able to experience it.

This trip covers both my interest in Marine Biology and vetrinary medicine. I will have the opportunity to learn from a marine biolgist in the Great Barrier Reef and stay on a functioning Australian cattle or sheep farm!


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